Creating Custom Permalink For Blogger Posts

Today I am Going to Sharing a good Trick for the Bloggers.  This is one of the most awaited feature of blogger, with using this new feature you can create a custom permalinks (permanent links) of your blogger posts URL's. Blogger automatically creates a long (30-40 characters) permalink,often it creates link which are not SEO friendly such as including number in URL or other some things. But now we can can skip this and create a custom permalinks for blogger posts. For an example,URL for this post will be automatically created as and we can change it to i.e. it is easy to keep in mind. 

How To Create Custom Permalink In Blogger?

  • Go to Blogger In Draft 
  • Create a new post (you can not change published posts URL) 
  • At the right side under Post settings
  • Click on Permalink tab 
  • Check Custom URL 
  • Put some words similar to your post title 
  • Finally click on Done button.

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