Submiting Sitemap To Google and Bing Without Errors

Today I am going to share with you how to submit a sitemap without errors to them on Google and bing. Sitemaps are the simple text files in XML format which contains a list of all web pages exist on your blog or website. Submitting sitemap to search engines helps to crawl your web pages easily and more quickly. We are not submitting sitemap to Yahoo because Yahoo and bing Combine their Webmasters Tools. Submitting sitemap to Bing will automatically submitted to Yahoo.  Now Lets see how to submit Sitemap To Google and Bing Without Errors.

How To Generate And Submit Sitemap?

  • First go to Digital Inspiration.
  • Enter your Blog's or Websites's URL as I have entered in below image.

  • After entering full URL hit the "Create Blogger Sitemap" button.
  • Now you have successfully generated 

Lets submit it to search engines.

Submitting Sitemap To Google And Bing

After hitting Create Blogger Sitemap Button you will get three results like this.

Submitting Sitemap To Google 

You will have to manually submit your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools. Just copy the text below Google title. 

  • Now go to Google Webmasters Tools. 
  • Click on your Blog. 
  • Then go to Site Configuration > Sitemaps
  • Choose Add/Test Sitemap. 
  • Paste the copied code and hit "Submit Sitemap" Button.

Now you have your sitemap to Google.Lets start submitting to Bing.

Submitting Sitemap To Bing

Submitting sitemap to bing is so easy.You just have to click a link and it's done.

Now click on the link below Bing title and your work is done.

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