Basics Trick For Blogger : How To Backup/Download And Restore Blogger Full Template

Backup and restore your blog template is not very hard thing but new bloggers always got problem.When I was new in blogger even I also didn't know how to backup and restore template and what is it's use ? But downloading full template is must before editing your template.Let's consider you have edited your template without taking its backup and you saved it but unfortunately something wrong happens then restoring to the original is easy. You Just need to do tow things -

   1. Backup template.

   2. Restoring template.

How To Take Backup Of Full Template ?

For Backup your full template the instruction given below.

  • Go to Blogger  Dashboard > Template > Backup/Restore.
  • Download Full Template.

How To Restore Template ?

For restoring template....

Again Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template > Backup/Restore.
Now click on Choose File button and browse for downloaded template and select it. 

Again click upload button and save your template.

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